Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What's new

Hey...its been a while...I know.

Brad and I have decided to embark on a new adventure...we're packing up and heading south! Now, before you get to excited and start planning a trip to visit us in our new exotic locale I have to tell you some souths are souther than others. Our south is only about an hour so...we're heading to Morden.

Brad got a great new position with Hydro there so off we go! This latte loving city girl is going small town! Yay?!

Seriously, we are all pretty excited about this new phase in our life. We are looking forward to simplifying (for starters our new house is not 100 years old!) and refocusing (I have a writing schedule planned for the fall!). The last several years have seemed like a crazy roller coaster ride and we feel like its time to settle, focus and move forward.

I will continue to blog here but I also have started a funny little blog about the day to day chaos that is my life. Check me out at http://somerandommother.blogspot.com or follow the link on that blog to find me on twitter.

Stay tuned!