Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Truth of It

I'm a fan of the truth...it sets you free, unless of course the truth is you have committed a felony then it gets you sent to prison...but generally speaking the truth is good. Now I, being an admitted fan of the truth, need to come clean and tell the truth. I'm a slacker.

I say that I am a writer, a volunteer, a mother but mostly I slack. And if you take the updating of this blog as an indication of this truth then you'll see that I am telling...well...the truth.

I like the idea of being busy, of writing, creating. But the reality is that by the time I finish up all the 'must do' tasks in my life all I want to do is nothing. My brain is tired and my patience is used up. I think about sitting down and pounding out a few thousand words but I don't. I see my writer friends achieve success and rejection (even rejection is an indication of effort) and I think "How nice that must be," but that's where my productivity usually ends.

I make excuses for not producing...I have to volunteer, I have meetings with Gavin's team, I have to clean the house (ha!), do laundry (ha, ha!), I need a proper office, I need a nanny for the kids, I need world peace! There's always an excuse but the reality is there is no excuse.

I don't work outside the home, most of the kids are in school now and those who are not in school can usually occupy themselves for an hour or so at a time. My husband expects very little from me where housekeeping is concerned...and if we're telling the truth here he is uber supportive of me writing.

So what's the problem?

No problem...no more excuses...no more slacking.

So if you're out there reading this I give you permission to ask, hound and harass me about my writing. I'll post projects and word counts here from time to time...maybe even a few excerpts.

Here's to no more slacking!


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